USDT/EUR is coming on The Rock Trading

We are pleased to announce the upcoming addition of a new trading pair to our market section, USDT/EUR.

It will soon be possible to trade the dollar tether (USDT), the leading stablecoin by volume, against the euro within the trading platform, allowing you to take advantage of intermediate and advanced orders for your trading, as well as take advantage of commission discounts according to the plan that you can view here.

Updates for EUR/FDZ (Euro/Friendz)

In consultation with the Friendz team, we have agreed to remove the EUR/FDZ trading pair in order to improve liquidity on FDZ/EUR.

When will EUR/FDZ be removed?

The change will be implemented on January 31, 2022, until then you can continue trading.

What to do?

If you have open orders on FDZ/EUR, you have until January 31, 2022, to cancel them, after that date, we will remove your active orders.

You can still continue to trade FDZ/EUR and exchange Friendz (FDZ) for all currencies, stablecoins and cryptocurrencies on The Rock Trading using FASTLANE.

Devo prelevare i miei FDZ?

Friendz will remain available on the platform through both the FDZ/EUR trading pair and FASTLANE, so you can continue to withdraw and deposit your Friendz (FDZ) tokens after January 31, 2022.