Ethereum Hard Fork and The Rock Trading

In the next days, Ethereum will go through a hard fork, due to theDAO well-known problem.

As a crypto lover, I disagree completely with the hard fork for obvious reasons.

As an exchange owner, however, I must not enforce my opinion on others and let the market decide.

Someone asked what, as an Ether exchange will do: the plan is quite simple and it will probably resemble what other Ether exchanges will do; trading will not stop, deposits and withdrawals will be instead suspended some hours before the fork and resume when it will be clear which main chain is (probably few hours will be enough).

Trading will not stop, not even margin trading since there is no reason the market should not express its opinion.

Deposits and withdrawals will be stopped, to avoid any problems related to the hard fork and to not end up in maintaining two different Ether chains. To make it clear, we will not support “two” Ether after the split, just the one with main network support.

Article written by Davide Barbieri, Chief Technical Officer at The Rock Trading