The reason we are here

What crazy journey got TheRockTrading to its current status? What the hell must have we thought when it was started? What was the main reason behind all of this? Of course, this publication is meant to reveal this and the answer to ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.

Today we will start a new section on our blog: it will be a new category which will host articles and opinions from different people related to TheRockTrading at different levels, from friends to partners, from people we trust to people we envy.

Before that, let’s go back to how we started TheRockTrading: we saw our roots in the newborn virtual economy, back in Second Life in 2007. From there the journey has been long, rocky and fascinating at the same time. The biggest milestone was when we discovered bitcoin in 2010/2011, starting trading it against second life linden dollars.

I remember that day clearly, as it was fascinating from all points of view that created The Rock in its first instance: bitcoin was technically interesting, was a monetary epiphany, a rules breaker within math rules, a new paradigm for freedom to mention just a few. It was freedom at its best.

Like a musician use its instrument to spread the love for music, I have always considered TheRock as our instrument to show others how much interesting Bitcoin was; TheRock was and should always be a “stairway to freedom“.

Up today, we only offered an useful but “cold” instrument: a simple gateway, a real currency exchange between FIAT and cryptocurrencies; it was and still is responsability of the user, to find its own freedom, since we can simply and humbly offer one single road to it. But we want to go a small step further and do more now: we would like to share with others what took us here, why we are here, the reason that moved us over these years.

We have our own opinions, but rather than trying to convince you all, we want to focus on sharing the ideas and opinions we have received and keeps receiving in our journey: it still is your responsability to find a way through them, because everyone must find its own freedom; it is our pleasure to share these articles, because we think “freedom is participation” too.

Hope you’ll enjoy as we did,

Davide Barbieri

Founder and COO of TheRockTrading