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Halving : Reward = Doubling : Awareness

11 May 2020

Before you buy, please evaluate if: . it is scarce (it has a store of value, and it has a cap). promises network effect. governance is decentralized. it is economically sustainable. there are people…
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Exogenous variables affect cryptocurrencies

Mauro Masoni, analista finanziario The Rock Trading.

8 September 2022

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What is Bitcoin?

29 July 2020

The most successful attempt at creating scarcity in the digital realm without a trusted third party, Bitcoin is a bearer asset that can be transferred (over computer networks using private/public key…
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Mushrooms in the monetary system

24 June 2020

The definition of money can span several economy books or degrees. It can lead to economic and social disputes. Indeed, Austrian economists always said that "when money dies, people die". The essence…
Real tulips

The unsustainable immutability of Tulips

16 June 2020

“This is the story of the most absurd bubble of all times: back in the 1600’s, the Dutch got speculations fever—to the point where you could buy a beautiful house by the canal in Amsterdam for the…
Bitcoin free money - Simone Da Re

Bitcoin, free money.

14 May 2020

Bitcoin is information technology, math, economy, philosophy, freedom, greed.Bitcoin is C++ code.Bitcoin is an asset with 10 years of history.Bitcoin is a P2P protocol: distributed, decentralized and…