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During the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, we saw an exponential increase in interest in the bitcoin world and cryptocurrencies in general, driven more by speculative reasons than by a real perception of the value of this new technology.

This sudden growth has had several repercussions (positive and negative) on many trading platforms (exchanges) including ours and has led us to add, towards the end of February 2018, an entry fee of € 100.00 aimed at filtering new registration requests and making new users more aware of this technology. In fact, after having done some due diligence on the basic concepts of blockchain and having read the information contained in our FAQs, answering some questions asked by our bot on Telegram, it was possible to obtain an invitation code that would have allowed registration without that entry fee.

After almost two years we have reason to believe that the market has become more mature and aware of the risks and opportunities offered by this technology and so, we have, therefore, decided to remove the entry fee, while maintaining the invitation code’s system, through which users can participate in initiatives and events with, as rewards, a program of exclusive benefits that will be presented shortly.

Faithful to our mission to continually offer a high-level support service that allows our customers to operate safely and in compliance with European provisions, in the coming weeks we will begin to publish articles that can be of practical use to those who approach this market for the first time and want to operate.