How can I verify my account?
Identity document:a) For EU citizens: Your identity document (passport or national ID card), with at least 6 months validity. The document must have clearly written your city of birth.b) For NON EU citizens: Your passport with at least 6 months validity. Proof of residence (everyone: EU and NON EU citizens): a) A proof of residence (English preferred): it can be a… Read More »How can I verify…
What is The Rock Trading?
The Rock Trading is a crypto currency exchange enabling customers to buy and sell bitcoins or other existing virtual currencies. On The Rock Trading, cryptocurrencies can be converted among each other or against legal tender (Euro) and vice versa. The Rock Trading operates in a fully compliant environment and is subject to European laws. The… Read More »What is The Rock…
Update on upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork
Dear users, on November 15 2020 at around 13.00 CET, there will be a Bitcoin Cash network upgrade that will likely lead to a hard fork. Therefore, please, be advised that we will suspend deposits and withdrawals of BCH a couple of hours before (9.00 AM CET). The hard fork in question leads to a… Read More »Update on upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork
Changes to ETH withdrawal fees due to network congestion
Dear users, During this period, the growing interest of the DeFi on Ethereum is contributing to a significant increase in the number of transactions and consequently to a congestion of the network. With an inevitable impact on the cost of transactions (fees): in fact, an increase of 3.500% YTD has been recorded. For this reason,… Read More »Changes to ETH withdrawal fees due to network congestion