New look, same reliability!

Let’s make a jump back to our history since we were born as The Rock Trading and the first bitcoin was exchanged on our platform, on June 2011, the universe of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has evolved considerably. Over time, we have accompanied this growth by being always the first to integrate innovative technologies such as Liquid Network, Gemini USD (stable coin), z-addresses deposits and withdrawals last but not least we were one of the first to become an official Ripple gateway.

Now it’s time to change definitively our skin. Today we are ready to present the new look of our platform, a total restyling of graphics and functionalities that took months of studies, processing and efforts. We have redesigned it from scratch by combining the pursuit of simplicity with special attention to user experience – which was our first objective. Now, everyone can trade from mobile with an interface that is perfectly optimized and has the same reliability that you would have on the desktop. We encourage you to try it! and let us have your feedback.

At the same time, the use of the latest technologies to update the front end has increased the level of security and data protection.


New look, same reliability

Let’s start from the homepage, the main page where the user lands for the first time. We have completely revised it by paying attention to details and we kept a particular eye to the institutional entities


The user dashboard has been radically reworked in order to provide, at a glance, all the information about your account and your assets. You can also quickly buy and sell cryptocurrencies thanks to the “Fastlane” widget.


We have developed a new reports page to help you generate customized reports based on your specific needs.


The section containing history of transactions, orders and trades has been improved to make it rational and immediately understandable.


The markets page has been renewed by improving the management of your favourite pairs and by adding a widget with the weights of your virtual wallet so that you will have always under control all the elements useful to make the most appropriate decision.


The trading page has kept the same structure but we have redesigned it to offer a better pleasant user experience during trading hours and we have also updated the trading engine to offer new and more features, such as the ability to access the taker/maker fee scheme*. Last but not least, we have added a night mode! (check it out!).

This is not all… find out yourself all of our new features and redesigned pages!

Naturally, users who do not like the new interface can always go back to the old one but only for a short period of time.

To complete this substantial restyling, since some weeks, the blog is online: a proprietary space in which to develop on the one hand a strong close dialogue with our users by keeping them informed about the developments of the platform and the exchange, and on the other hand establishing a relationship with new users who, as they approach such a complex sector for the first time, will be able to find all the necessary information in it.


There are a lot of other further updates and new features that will complete the thorough work of these months and that will be released soon.
If you would like to share your opinions and suggestions with us, you can write to us at We will evaluate all and any of your proposals!

Stay tuned!