New Listing: TERRA 2.0|LUNA

Hey rockers we are pleased to announce the addition of a new cryptocurrency on our platform: TERRA 2.0 – LUNA.


Following the de-peg of the UST algorithmic stable-coin, the main one on the TERRA ecosystem, the project and the native ex-LUNA token (now LUNC) collapsed. Hence the idea of relaunching the TERRA project (with TERRA 2.0) by removing what had previously been the ace in the hole but also the Achilles’ heel, namely the algorithmic stable-coins.

TERRA 2.0 is therefore a new protocol (layer1) that allows very fast and inexpensive transactions, as well as, as with its predecessor renamed TERRA Classic, the possibility of creating DApps, Smart contracts, and its own DeFi environment.

Curious to find out more about TERRA 2.0? Have a look at the official website.

When will the listing take place?

Deposits and Withdrawals: Tuesday 9 August 2022

Trading: Tuesday 9 August 2022

*FASTLANE & Hodler Plan will be made available upon reaching minimum liquidity.