New Listing Announcement – Dogecoin (DOG)

Dear users,

we are excited to announce the return of Dogecoin (DOG) on our platform.

What is Dogecoin (DOG)?

Dogecoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency, born for fun from a fork of Litecoin in 2013, has over time attracted a large number of people including billionaire Elon Musk.

It allows the transfer of value through the internet without the need for a fiduciary third party, in a very rapid and economical way, guaranteeing certain privacy.

How does it work?

Dogecoin replicates Litecoin in many respects, the operation is almost the same, the transactions are saved on a distributed public ledger kept securely by a Proof of Work consensus algorithm (different from that of Bitcoin) which also manages the issuance of new units (DOG), the number of which is unlimited.

When will the listing take place?

Deposits and withdrawals: already active.

Trading: active.

Exchange pair?


Symbol and decimals?


8 decimals

Welcome back Dogecoin.

For users who still hold Dogecoin (DOG) in balance from the previous listing, they will be able to return to trade them on the market (DOG / BTC) as well as make new deposits.

For any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our official channels.

Happy trading!