New exclusive features and a lower fee for Fastlane!

Dear users,

In an effort to pursue a constant process of improving and increasing the competitiveness of the current service offering, we are excited to inform you that our tool “Fastlane” (which allows you to sell and buy cryptocurrency in the simplest way possible) has been subject of major maintenance aimed at implementing several distinctive features: 

  • the fee has been decreased to 1.39%;
  • Implementation of automatic orders: now you can schedule a series of purchases or sales, of a certain cryptocurrency, according to a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly frequency as you prefer. We believe that this functionality is useful for the creation of, for example, accumulation plans*;
  • the possibility to operate with trading pairs not available in the market, i.e SEED/EUR;
  • last but not least, from now on, orders placed through Fastlane will be identified so it will be possible to generate ad-hoc reports.

During the maintenance, we have also completely closed the previous interface “” which won’t work anymore moving forward.

Finally, we have reserved a couple of additional exclusive new features that, to complete this first review of Fastlane, will be released in the coming weeks. 

Committed to a policy of quality and continuous innovation through listening and implementing your suggestions, we are confident that these new features will be appreciated. Let us have your feedback in our official international telegram group:

And… there is a lot more right around the corner, stay tuned!
The Rock Trading team

*accumulation plans have a fee of 1.49%