Instant Airdrop of LUNA – TERRA 2.0

With the launch of TERRA 2.0, proposal 1623 was accepted, to perform a series of airdrops over the next two years, in order to compensate and support the re-launch of the TERRA project.

The airdrop, i.e. the distribution of the new LUNA tokens, will take place according to specific rules, which determine their release, based on the amount of LUNC (ex-LUNA) at two different times:

  • Pre-attack, block height 7544910(2022-05-07 14:59:37 UTC)
  • Post-attack, block height 7790000 (2022-05-26 16:38:08 UTC)

With a different ratio of new LUNAs received based on the balances at the two different times:

  • Pre-attack, 1.034735071
  • Post-attack, 0.000015307927

In both cases, the new LUNAs are subject to “vesting” periods of up to 4 years, i.e. timeframes following receipt of the tokens in which they cannot be traded or moved.

We at The Rock Trading have decided to support airdrop, but instead of subjecting users to the gradual releases and vesting periods imposed, we anticipate new LUNA tokens to users who will be entitled to them based on the above calculations.

With the INSTANT AIRDROP OF LUNA users of The Rock Trading will, on Tuesday, 9 August 2022, immediately receive all LUNA tokens to which they are entitled and, will be able to freely dispose of them by exchanging them on the LUNA/EUR market and withdrawing them.

As specified in the Proposal, all users who should receive less than 1 LUNA from the airdrop, will not receive them, these funds will be placed in the community pool of TERRA 2.0