I want to trade XYZ coin. Can you add it?

We receive several requests to list new currencies. Some of them might be interesting, and we keep ourselves updated on the new currencies that are under development.

However, we generally do NOT list altcoins because of requests from one single user or from the altcoin’s creator: we carefully review the potential currencies, and we assess whether they are interesting from a technical and economical point of view. If a new altcoin seems important, and if there’s a large community support for it, we might add it.

Usually we decide to add a new crypto if:

  • there is enough interest from our users
  • the coin is interesting from a financial/technical point of view
  • there is enough market makers willing to provide liquidity
  • we have enough resources to mantain its blockchain properly

We also do not accept any payment linked to the request to list a currency.