How to buy bitcoin and create accumulation plans

Over years, one of the strategies that has proven to be successful in this sector and effectively able to preserve and increase value in the long term is the purchase on a regular basis. Through our Fastlane tool, you can easily activate accumulation plans (what is an accumulation plan?) with any and all cryptocurrency available on the platform.

Let’s see through this tutorial how to buy bitcoin and create accumulation plans, let’s start.

The first step is logging in and moving to our Fastlane tool.

Buy bitcoin and create accumulation plans

The next step is clicking on “activate accumulation plan”

At this point, you will be able to customize your brand new accumulation plan by defining the amount, the cryptocurrency you would like to accumulate, and the frequency of purchases.

Start by setting the frequency of the purchases from the drop-down menu which appears by clicking on the arrow on the right. You will be able to choose between daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis.

Then you will need to define the amount for every single recurring purchase for your accumulation plan. (you can choose any currency or cryptocurrency available, by clicking on the arrow next to the Euro logo)

Moving forward, you will need to choose which cryptocurrency you would like to accumulate by clicking on the drop-down menu next to the Bitcoin logo.

Accumulation plan in Bitcoin

The following is an example of a Bitcoin monthly accumulation plan for €100 euro equivalent.

Optional, you can also define a start and end date for the accumulation plan; if this field is left empty, the accumulation plan will start in the next 24 hours and will continue until you manually deactivate it as shown below.

If you would like to set an interval for this accumulation plan, you have to click on the highlighted field and enter the desired dates – these fields aren’t mandatory: you can decide to delay the starting date and not picking an end date, this way the plan won’t terminate unless you manually deactivate it or you run out of your available balance. You can also define an end date and not a start date, in this way, at some point, the accumulation plan will automatically stop.

Great, now that we have defined all the parameters for this accumulation plan, we are ready to proceed. You will need to click on “Activate the accumulation plan”


We are almost done, now we have to define a description for this specific accumulation plan so that we can recognize it at later time.

Verify that everything is correct.

If you find any mistake, be aware that you can click the “Edit” button in order to modify the plan.

Otherwise, if everything is correct, in order to proceed, click on ‘✔’

Congratulations! You have correctly created your first accumulation plan in Bitcoin.

See how easy it is –> <–

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