How long does it take to complete a SEPA transfer?

From our experience, a SEPA transfer takes usually about 1-3 working days to reach our bank account. The timespan depends only on banks and there is nothing we can do to speed it up. Please, allow at least 3 days before contacting us about your deposit: be aware that we will credit your rock account as soon as we see your transfer; the sooner, the better also for us!

When contacting us to locate a deposit, open a ticket, section billing, providing the bank receipt of the deposit.

Before depositing make sure you are updated with documents provided for verification, otherwise, your deposit may be stopped for compliance reasons.

Do not forget the description with rock id properly set: if it is not present, locating it may require several days.

Hint: to speed up the SEPA transfer, reach out to your bank and ask them about cutoff hours and transfer times: by respecting those hours you might save up to 1-2 days of waiting time!

IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure your documentation is updated; id must still be valid for at least another 6 months and proof of address must be not older than 2 years, otherwise banks will not credit your deposit to us waiting for these documentation updates.
Note that it’s mandatory having a verified account.