How can I withdraw cryptocurrencies? limits?

New users start without the functionality that enables autonomous withdrawals to protect funds. In order to unlock this functionality, you will need to verify your account and open a ticket asking to increase your withdrawal limit, unlocking this function. Obviously the requested amount has to be proportionate to the balance you own on the account. Make sure, also, to properly secure your account before enabling autonomous withdrawals, by adding 2fa on login and withdrawal pin.

How limits work?
Limits are expressed in the same currency that they refer to, i.e “1 btc per bitcoin, 1 eth per ethereum, 1000 xrp per ripple etc etc”, and they are based on 24 hours timeframe.

How long does it take to enable this functionality?
These changes are applied manually by our customer service. During busy days, generally, it will take at least a working day.

In which cases I cannot withdraw?

  • If your account is not verified.
  • If you are trying to withdraw what you have exclusively deposited without having done any trading.
  • If you request unreasonable limits (eg: 100 BTC every 24h, with a total balance of 0.01 BTC).

I have unlocked the automatic withdrawals functionality, now what?
In order to withdraw cryptocurrencies, you need to go to “Wallet” > “Withdraws” and follow the instructions.