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Update on Friendz (FDZ) trading pairs

2min Dear customers, there’s something new on the way, we have decided to introduce a new trading pair: FDZ/EUR. FDZ/EUR: When will it be available? The new trading pair, FDZ/EUR, will be available on the market as of 6 October. Since the FDZ token is already available on our platform, Friendz deposits and withdrawals are already […]

New Listing: TERRA 2.0|LUNA

2min Hey rockers we are pleased to announce the addition of a new cryptocurrency on our platform: TERRA 2.0 – LUNA. The new trading pair: LUNA/EUR What is TERRA 2.0? Following the de-peg of the UST algorithmic stable-coin, the main one on the TERRA ecosystem, the project and the native ex-LUNA token (now LUNC) collapsed. Hence […]

The Ethereum Merge: Here’s what you need to know

5min We are now at the gates of the biggest update in the world of cryptocurrencies, we are talking about the long-awaited “The Merge” of Ethereum, i.e. the moment when the current chain (blockchain) powered via the consensus algorithm Proof of Work (PoW) will join the Beacon Chain, i.e. a parallel chain supported via Proof of […]

Instant Airdrop of LUNA – TERRA 2.0

2min With the launch of TERRA 2.0, proposal 1623 was accepted, to perform a series of airdrops over the next two years, in order to compensate and support the re-launch of the TERRA project. The airdrop, i.e. the distribution of the new LUNA tokens, will take place according to specific rules, which determine their release, based […]

Ordinary Maintenance Monday 13 June 2022

2min In order to carry out a process of upgrading the current infrastructure and improve the efficiency of our services, we have scheduled a maintenance on Monday 13 June.  During the maintenance all services related to the site: Fastlane, Accumulation Plans, Market and API will not be reachable.  We apologise in advance for the inconvenience. Date: […]