The European Crypto Exchange

The First European Exchange, providing bitcoin trading since June 2011

The Rock Trading is a platform providing services related to virtual currencies, a cryptocurrency exchange to convert euros to cryptocurrencies (and vice versa), including the conversion of cryptocurrencies to other cryptocurrencies, that operates in a fully compliant environment with the European directives and regulations.

Our journey started back In 2007 when Andrea Medri (CFO) and Davide Barbieri (CTO) founded “The Rock Insurance Co.,” a virtual Insurance company in “Second Life,” a sort of online virtual world, the first one of its kind. Since then, the company has evolved considerably, always under the same board of directors.

Moving forward, and following several platform enhancements and decisions, The Rock Trading decided to change its core business;

in 2010, the ‘company’s name changed to “The Rock Trading” with a division dedicated to funds management and an exchange specialized in trading currencies and stocks.

in 2011, the executive managers decided to explore new opportunities by pursuing an exciting field of the “trading” industry, the world of cryptocurrencies which it was in its earliest years at that time. After a few months of testing and building a stable platform, in June (2011), the first bitcoin was successfully traded on The Rock Trading platform, making it the first and oldest European cryptocurrency exchange

The following year (2012) has played a fundamental role both in the development and consolidation of the platform and in building new solid partnerships. Moreover, in May 2013, The Rock Trading became a Ripple gateway and an official XRP reseller.

In July 2013, the company reached another important milestone that positioned itself as a well-established and transparent European reality: The Rock Trading became a limited liability company registered in Malta.
In the first quarter of 2018, following some strategic decisions and in order to renew and improve the platform and its related services, The Rock Trading moved its headquarter from Malta to Italy (VAT IT10120840961), thus strengthening its position as a fully-fledged regulated European reality. Confident and eager to explore new business initiatives. Since April 2018, The Rock Trading is fully operative in Italy.

Thanks to the continuous demand of our international customers, we decided to focus most of our activity on developing a reliable platform to offer European citizens a gateway to the world of cryptocurrency, in full compliance with European standards and regulations.

The ‘client’s onboarding process is quite simple and in line with AML (anti-money laundering) provisions. When registering on the website, the user is required to provide any necessary information and documents that we deem, in our sole discretion, to be suitable to maintain compliance with any European law, regulation, and internal policy. We adhere carefully to anti-money laundering obligation(s).

Important disclosure:

We do not offer financial instruments or financial products, nor do we manage user funds, nor provide investment services, payment services, nor any other service or activity the provision of which is limited by current Italian legislation to persons authorised by the Financial Market Supervisory Authority, or by other authorities empowered to issue such authorizations or in any case to supervise such activities and services. By way of example, it’s important to note that we do not provide, through our platform, any activity of management of financial markets, multilateral or organized trading systems, with the specific exclusion of any activity and/or service involving the trading or exchange of financial instruments.

No information, analysis or other material on the website represents an opportunity to sell or purchase financial products and/or financial instruments, nor does it constitute a form of investment advice, nor is it suitable to provide grounds for any investment decision.

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