How can I verify my account?

  1. Identity document:

    a) For EU citizens: Your identity document (passport or national ID card), with at least 6 months validity. The document must have clearly written your city of birth.
    b) For NON EU citizens: Your passport with at least 6 months validity.

  2. Proof of residence (everyone: EU and NON EU citizens):

    a) A proof of residence (English preferred): it can be a bank statement, a utility bill, or similar document with your residence address printed on it or better, a certificate of residence. It must be not older than 3 months.
    We do not accept screenshots and we require a full page document.

  1. Upload your identity document: front and back (back is not necessary if you are uploading your passport) and a photo/selfie holding the document in hand.
  2. Upload your proof of residence.


  1. Proof of residence and identity document are both mandatory.
  2. Identity document must be either as a JPEG file or as a PNG image files and COLORED.
  3. Proof of residence can be in JPEG, PNG or PDF format and must be COLORED.
  4. Both, identity document and proof of residence should not be larger than 5MB.
  5. Documents must be in high resolution and intact (no cut borders)
  6. NEVER send documents via email or any other mean of communication which is not the official one provided inside our platform.
  7. Verification occurs only during working days because it is processed together with the payment institution/bank, and often they request at least 2 (working) days. There is nothing we can do to expedite the process.
  8. If you have any kind of problems or doubts, do not hesitate to contact our customer care at

  • Identity document: at the time of upload, it must have at least another 6 months of validity while the expiration date is the one written in the document. (so its own expiration date)
  • Proof of residence: at the time of upload, it must not be older than 3 months and its expiration date is every three years.