Bitcoin hard fork and The Rock Trading

Hello rockers,
recently we have been asked several times what we are going to do in case of a bitcoin hard fork by Bitcoin Unlimited and miners supporting it.
TheRockTrading, along with other exchanges, has signed a public document trying to clarify our position on the matter. As far as I understood, it did not clarify much because each side has read it according to their own vision :-).


As most of our customers already know, the “rules” that we follow here at The Rock Trading Ltd to list a new currency are simple and straightforward:
1. It should be interesting either from a technical or a financial point of view.
2. Our users are interested in it.
3. Market makers are willing to provide enough liquidity (and this, often, is crucial).

Ethereum hard fork

It’s now clear to all that the infamous ETH fork is a complete mess (and kudos to Bitcoin developer for making their point to not move forward with contentious hard forks).
At we made a clear choice to handle just one ‘Ethereum’ chain: as I explained before, we are small and could not afford to follow, maintain, handle transactions and give support on yet another chain, even if we would have loved to. ETH seemed the dominant chain after the fork and so we stayed with that, even if our heart were towards ETC.

Trust no one

I think all of us involved in the cryptocurrency world now know about Ethereum Classic vs Ethereum Core. Well, almost all. Personally, I do not think I know enough.
A few days ago my wife gave birth to a wonderful baby, my second daughter, so I was caught up with so-called “life problems” and probably did not follow the etherea saga properly.

Ethereum Hard Fork and The Rock Trading

In the next days, Ethereum will go through a hard fork, due to theDAO well-known problem.
As a crypto lover, I disagree completely with the hard fork for obvious reasons.
As an exchange owner, however, I must not enforce my opinion on others and let the market decide.