Anti-money laundering policies (Customer due diligence obligations)

In order to ensure the correct application of Anti Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism policies, since a few days (precisely from Friday 24 May 2019), all users who have not completed their profile with all the requested information after January 2019, will have to update their profile in the dedicated section of our website.

Be your own bank, do not keep funds on exchanges

Be your own bank – this statement, and mostly, in fact, an important suggestion, is becoming more and more like a mantra. Today, one of the largest and well-known cryptocurrency exchange got hacked.
It was announced today, 8th May 2019, that one of the largest and well-known cryptocurrency exchange suffered a huge security breach facing a loss of more than 7000 bitcoin (btc).

We are delisting NOKU EUR (EURN) pairs.

In an effort to improve the user experience and platform’s efficiency, we have decided to delist the following trading pairs on March 1st, 2019:

A new geode

We are thrilled to reveal our trading app and a new platform infrastructure.
We recently worked a lot under the hood to prepare for new platform infrastructure and a trading app. It will be able to handle load much better, without any software improvements (which we will keep working on, obviously).
Today we switched, from the old infrastructure to the new one and everything went smooth.

Liquid network – it’s liquid time!

The Rock Trading adds support for bitcoin deposits and withdrawals on Liquid Network. Liquid is federated Sidechain between bitcoin exchanges and market makers, with the goal of increasing liquidity within federation: the ability to…