Available TRT trading softwares, platforms, apps

There are several third parties that use TheRockTrading API to provide useful services or trading tools. If you know more, please let us know.

Trading bots


Bitsgap offers both an alternative interface to do trading on TRT (as well other exchanges) and several tools for trading, including signals, arbitrage and automated trading bots with good performances. Highly recommended.

Every user who will sign up via our link will get a PRO account for 14 days, so you can test the platform and trade without any limitations. And there is even a page on their website that help you connect therocktrading via API.


Wolfbot is an open source trading software that use CCXT library to connect to therocktrading. The website offers a SaaS interface to fully manage your bots.


Freqtrade is an open source project for an algorithmic trading bots, that can be configured with several strategies. You can also develop your own strategy, fully configurable.


Gekko is an opensource algorithmic software that can be used to trade automatically on therocktrading.com. Unfortunately it is not mantained anymore, so beware.


It is a library offering an API interface to several exchanges, including TheRockTrading. Implementation has been done by one of our partners and it has been tested severely. It is the base to a lot of trading software.

Portfolio / Reporting


Cointracking is a well known portfolio and tax reporting website. It can track your holdings through several exchanges, and it is very helpful for tax reporting keeping track of all your trades. It can import therocktrading.com data both via CSV import and API connection.


Tradingview provides advance graphs of therocktrading pairs.


Probably the most popular portfolio tracker app, it can be connected to therocktrading.com


Tax reporting tool.

Research and data reporting platforms


Considered by many as the best data reporting website about cryptocurrencies and exchanges. It includes therocktrading and provide very interesting data especially on exchange side, including a rank of exchanges by liquidity, rather volume.

Please submit website, app or tool connected to therocktrading.com if you know any.