Ethereum and Margin Trading

In the last days, you may have noticed some little changes to The Rock exchange! After a beta phase, we’re rolling out Margin Trading and Ethereum for all our users!



We watched the Ethereum launch closely, and we followed its development for a while: we want to make sure that the currencies that we add to The Rock will be useful for our customers. Ether deposits and withradawals were added a while ago, but they were available only to our beta testers. From this week, any The Rock Trading user can deposit and withdraw Ethers.

At the moment, we opened two Ether markets: Ether/Euro and Ether/Bitcoin. We hope that those two markets will satisfy our users’ needs; as always, any feedback from you is more than welcome!


Margin Trading

The (restricted) beta period has ended also for margin trading! A much requested feature, we are happy to make it available to anyone. You can freely choose between 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x and 3.0x leverage. At the moment, margin trading is available only on our Bitcoin/Euro market. We plan to add leverage to more markets in the following times: if you would love to have it on some other currency pair, just let us know! Leverage can also be subject to changes, if we will feel that it might improve our customers’ experience.

You should try out margin trading soon, as we are not charging additional fees on top of our default trading commission (between 0.20% and 0.03%).