A new decimal place for Bitcoin markets!

Today The Rock Trading had a little maintenance operation: we added a new decimal place for some The Rock Trading markets: Bitcoin/Euro, Bitcoin/US Dollar and Bitcoin/Ripple!

We were receiving many questions about our decision to keep just two decimal places for those markets, and for some time we turned down the requests for a change: our goal was to avoid the creation of lots and lots of small orders – this would lead to an unnecessary  fragmentation of the orderbook. Even if we did not accept immediately some suggestions, we kept thinking about them! We like to hear our customer’s opinion..

Things can change: during the last times, we had a great growth in our volumes and in the market’s liquidity. The BTC/EUR and BTC/USD rates went up too, and this led us to think again about the “optimal amount of decimal places”. We decided to add a decimal place (now: 0.00X, before: 0.0X), with a fixed minimum amount per trade equal to 0.005 BTC (was 0.01 BTC). We also removed the decimals of the Euro/Dogecoin market: now only full amounts of Dogecoin can be traded (no more 7234.23 DOG).

We implemented the change, and it is already live! What do you think about that? We’re really interested in your opinion, so if you want to tell us anything you can reach to us through info@therocktrading.com, Twitter (@therocktrading) and Facebook (The Rock Trading Ltd).