The Rock Prepaid Card

The Rock Trading Ltd, in collaboration with an authorized reseller, allows our verified customers to get a Prepaid Card.

The following are some useful information:

  • To qualify: You must be a verified TRT customer ( sorry no US Citizens/residents)
  • Number of cards: One per verified customer every 12 months
  • Maximum loadable amount: Euro 10000
  • How do you load the card?: On your eWallet you’ll find loading option. We will debit your account with us.
  • Charging time: Between few minutes and up to 2 business days

The following are the costs:

  • Card Cost: Euro 17 plus shipping fees via special courier. Shipping costs may vary from 8 euro up to 25 euro for most European countries. For non European countries, please ask.
  • ATM withdraws in Europe (euro area): 2% – Minimum Euro 1.50 – Maximum Euro 3.50
  • ATM withdraws outside Euro area: 3% – Minimum Euro 1.50 – – Maximum Euro 3.50
  • SMS functions: Between Euro 0.15 up to Euro 0.60
  • POS use: Euro 0.99
  • Card substitution: Euro 17 plus shipping costs
  • Card Activation: Euro 2
  • Load charges: zero charge (minimum load Euro 10)

Card parameters:

  • Maximum withdraw through ATM: Euro 10000 (subject to ATM rules. Maximum monthly withdraw Euro 5000)
  • Maximum POS usage: Euro 10000

If you are verified you may send a card request opening My Personal Data, CARD.